Free Building Maintenance Checklist 2020

Home Reno Guide
What needs to be covered on a building maintenance checklist?…
Foundations and Footings Floors Walls Doors and windows Ceilings

Free 2020 bathroom cleaning checklist

Soap scum, grout mould and hair are enough to turn anyone off cleaning the bathroom. The bathroom is usually the smallest and most poorly ventilated…
Gather equipment Remove clutter Sink and mirror Toilet Shower and bath Floor and surfaces

Free pre-purchase building inspection checklist

This checklist is for your pre-purchase building inspection. Although you’ll have to set aside $200-$1000 for the cost of a building inspection, it…
a personal inspection a building inspection a pest inspection a pre-settlement inspection

Free 2020 bedroom cleaning checklist

Cleaning your room is something every teenager dreads, but it doesn’t need to be that way. House cleaner costs are affordable and save you time,…
Gather Equipment Remove clutter Clean the walls Clean the light fittings Make the bed Clean the floor

Getting Approvals

This article has been written by hipages builder Jonathan Hayes, the founder and managing director of Tailored Construction Group Pty Ltd, as a part…
First, get the concept design done for your home. Information and documentation from your draftsperson or architect Ensure you pay all applicable fees

Kitchen renovation checklist

Use our kitchen renovation checklist to help you plan your project and know what order everything happens in.
Before you start Assemble your team: what tradies do you need? Fixtures, fittings and accessories

Laundry room renovation checklist

Week 4, Laundry
Let’s face it – household chores aren’t exactly something we look forward to doing. While we’re not saying a laundry room renovation will…
What is a Realistic Timeline? How to Plan Your Budget Cost of appliances Cost of materials What Tradespeople Will You Need?

Checklist for a formal lounge room renovation

Week 2, Lounge Rooms
Formal lounge rooms have a way of bringing family and friends together. With fewer outside distractions, we can truly focus on relaxingand engaging…
What is a Realistic Timeline? How to Plan Your Budget What Tradespeople Will You Need?

Bathroom renovation checklist

Week 1, Bathrooms
Want to know what happens when – and in what order – in a bathroom renovation? This is our rough guide to the process, so you know what to…
Before you start Assemble your team Fixtures, fittings and accessories

Demolition checklist

Week 1,
The demolition stage of a renovation always looks like a blast on our favourite home remodelling TV shows, but there’s a lot more going on behind…
What is a realistic timeline? How to plan your budget What tradespeople will you need?

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