Home Reno Guide

Built-in Joinery

Home Reno Guide,
Want to make your house stand out from the crowd and a far more practical place to live? A good carpenter could hold the key.…

5 ways to work around structural pillars, columns and beams

Home Reno Guide,
With the move to open plan living, home designs often have to make peace with having awkward structural columns or beams as part of a space. These can…

The pros & cons for wood & gas burning fireplaces

Week 3, Home Reno Guide,
If the winter chill is beginning to get to you and the sound of freezing pipes are ringing in your ears, it may be time to install a fireplace in your…

Making Demolition Easy

Home Reno Guide,
Every contractor wants an optimum demolition process, whether it’s a simple kitchen wall or a two-week tile removal job in a busy shopping centre.…

5 things to know before you start a home renovation

Home Reno Guide,
Thinking of starting a major reno project? …

What to expect from a builder

Home Reno Guide,
If you’ve chosen a builder, you’re well on your way to finally having the home of your dreams. The best part? Once they’ve started, your home…

What to look for in a builder

Home Reno Guide,
With the help of a good builder, you can transform your wishlist, Pinterest boards and magazine cutouts into the home of your dreams. But how does one…

Handy hints on how to hire a tradie

Home Reno Guide,
Renovations, big or small, mean that you are going to need to hire a tradie. This can be a daunting experience so we’ve made it easier with these…

Glossary of terms

Home Reno Guide,
Jonathan Hayes of Tailored Construction, has written a book which helps us debunk some industry terms. He explains that acronyms and jargon used by…


5 Tips for Maximizing Bedroom Storage

Week 5, Bedrooms,
Whether it’s your own room or for a guest, bedrooms should be void of clutter. This is your space to relax, unwind and get some rest, and nothing…

10 Tips for Creating a Timeless Guestroom

Week 1, Bedrooms,
After a long flight or drive, there’s nothing more calming than opening the door to your hotel room, flopping onto a big bed’s crisp white…


Everything you need to know about waterproofing

Week 6, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Laundry,
They say prevention is better than a cure, and it’s true when it comes to waterproofing. Faulty waterproofing can fast become a nightmare for…

Where to spend and save on your bathroom renovation

Week 1, Bathrooms,
How much does a bathroom remodel cost? Knowing where to save and where to splurge on a bathroom remodel is essential when it comes to cost and…

Adding a powder room

Week 1, Bathrooms,
A powder room may be the smallest room in the house, but it can pack a big punch in terms of function and design flair.

Formal Loungerooms

How to plan for a new Loungeroom

Lounge Rooms,
Living or lounge rooms have changed over time as design trends, lifestyles and technology evolve. The living room of today needs to be multifunctional…

Formal Living Room Renovation

Week 2, Lounge Rooms,
This week, this year’s hard-working contestants on The Block continue in their quest to transform the dilapidated Oslo Hotel into five elegant…

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